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Melina Jajamovich

I am many years of professionalism, I am an atypical gaze, I am movement, I am a pollinator of projects.

I graduated in political science and for years I fought for my grandfather to understand what that was. Thanks to a Masters in Innovation Management, I understand myself with engineers and economists. And, above all, I "am" more than my titles say. A tireless explorer of new subjects, books, and courses. I'm a pollinator.

I was born in Buenos Aires but, without knowing what I was doing, at age 23 I went to Spain where my head was opened to new adventures and experiences. For more than a decade I was Argentine in Europe and Spanish in Argentina. That's when I realized that I would never be able to be in a "pure state" anymore. I would never be 100% "porteña"; I would never be 100% Spanish. I analyzed what vibrated in each culture, keeping some things, releasing others and incorporating some more. I am an atypical gaze.


My first important jobs were in Spain and by force of "adventure". I balanced my lack of age and experience with audacity and work during after hours. I was a government consultant for 7 years: I elaborated and evaluated public policies; I toured towns and cities all while making strategic plans and streamlining courses. I wrote socio-economic reports about the most diverse topics one can think of. I traveled Europe writing and evaluating European projects. And so I acquired anecdotes, contacts, and background. I am many years of profession.

In 2011, the bindweed came from my entrepreneurial seed. I filled boxes with my notebooks, -some other projects that I cared for and was proud of- and left the office with that mixture of emotions made of excitement and "fear" at the same time. For 5 years I dedicated myself to training and consulting in agile strategies, innovation, and communication. I advise start-ups, companies, and institutions. The courses, workshops, and conferences that I gave allowed me to play and develop new experiences for the attendees. Every day I continued teaching and learning. Every day I was choosing, flowing and reinventing myself. I am movement.


EIn the year 2015, I crossed "the puddle" again to work at the Buenos Aires' government, coordinating the ​​Human Capital of Entrepreneurs. This allowed me to create new and better mixtures: the micro and the macro; Public and private; Strategic and creative;
The artisanal and the systematic I am...

En España soy la argentina creativa. En Argentina la europea disciplinada. O al menos eso dicen. Yo digo que estoy hecha de signos de admiración en cada frase, pasión y brillo en los ojos. Estoy hecha de vocación de “incomodar” (a mi y a los otros), para deconstruir con alegría y construir con energía. Soy síntesis: ágil y pragmática. Estoy hecha de verborrea de ideas, mil anécdotas y alguna dote actoral para comunicar. Estoy hecha de cabeza, corazón y cuerpo que pongo en cada proyecto que se cruza en mi camino.


I can tell you my whole story. Or I'll tell you where I am today. And for that, I have to talk about the 2107. Because 2018 has the form and opportunities that it has, mostly for what happened in 2017. 2017 was a stimulating and exhausting year. All in equal parts. And, first of all, it was a year of fulfilling dreams. Until now, I had not shared it and today it comes out in a post: like a photo album, full of colors, nuances and a thousand experiences. And with a phrase that sums it up: 2017 was the year to bring agility beyond IT (technology) ... far and far!

I landed at Torcuato Di Tella University and started coordinating the Agile Methodology executive program, both in open and in company formats. I passed a lot of professionals from companies and organizations from the most diverse sectors -Accenture, Abbvie, Banco Ciudad, Bayer, Cablevisión, Directv, Farmacity, GCBA, Itaú, Novartis, PAE, Pampa, SMG, Western Union, YPF, among others -. Every day was a challenge, a learning and a giant gift: watching how Agile arrives at the University and in a massive way is priceless.

I had started the year dreaming of Agile Gov. But the dream had no face or body. It was mostly a wish. 2017 was the year to materialize those ideas, to materialize Agile Gov. "I managed to put my head, my nose (and a little more?)" In the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. Inventing and reinventing formats, I accompanied (and fortunately I still do) the Organizational Culture team to work on good innovation: innovation in culture! A true gift. And another gift. If last year I said that "the government can be the place of innovation", this year I dare to say that, in some teams, it already is!

And 2017 still gave more of itself.
One of my dreams was to become a TED speaker. I did not really know what my TED would be about, but I knew I wanted to give one. And yes, it was another gift from last year. I gave my first TEDx talk (I hope many more arrive!) Talking about Agile Gov and sharing the experiments we did with the HR Training team of the Chamber of Deputies. In other words, I had the opportunity to speak of agility in the very honorable Chamber of Deputies of our country. And not from the agility of the books but from the one that we started (or try to start up) right there ...

As if that were not enough, 2017 brought me training-facilitation-coaching in bulk. I was able to work with different teams: from technology to HR; professionals with backgrounds and millenials; touch-and-go projects and others that required slow-cooking. Abbvie, Amadeus, Bind, Disney, Edenor, Natura, PMI, SMG, were some of those who allowed us to continue learning at every step.

And I'm sure I forget something, but that's the way I am today ... ready for 2018!

"I do not do anything extraordinary, I just have fun with what I do"

Melina Jajamovich

Soler 5165
CABA, C1425BXM. Argentina

Conde Aranda 23 2ºB
Zaragoza, 50004. España


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